The selections of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our oil mill


 IL SOFFIO                                            



Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a medium taste that gives harmony to the nose and taste, with hints of almond and aromatic herbs. It goes very well with fish and carpaccio dishes. 





This type of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a more intense taste with hints of tomato and artichoke, accompanied by a pleasant aftertaste of spicy bitterness. Perfect for grilling, legumes and more decisive dishes.


 The Monocultivar CAROLEA



CAROLEA produces a low acidity Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. On the nose it is expressed with pleasant hints of ripe fruit.

Appreciated by most palates, it has a sweet and delicate background tone with an almond aftertaste.

It goes well with delicate dishes, such as white meats, cheeses, legumes, first courses with molluscs, steamed fish, shellfish and bruschetta.


 The Monocultivar PICHOLINE



The PICHOLINE pproduces a very high Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a harmonious and intense taste, accompanied by pleasant hints of bitter and spicy.

On the nose it is intense with hints of green tomato.

Recommended on crustaceans and legumes. Excellent results also used in game dishes.




The TRADITIONAL is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from olives harvested in November.

Ideal for daily consumption as it is appreciated by most palates.

On the nose it is expressed with pleasant sensations of ripe fruit, almond and apple.

On the palate it is pleasantly sweet and delicate.

Perfect with fish, white meats and delicate appetizers.

Highly recommended for cooking.