Tradition, Innovation and Respect for Nature

This is the recipe we follow to create an excellent and healthy Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



Our hands tell an ancient peasant tradition of three generations.

The teachings of our grandparents are the solid roots that have allowed us to build our new company. As small producers of olive oil we have chosen to make our history and our professionalism available to select the best Made in Puglia excellences.



The daily attention and passion for our work allows us to guarantee origin and exclusive quality for those looking for unique products.

We are in the heart of Puglia, in the Itria Valley, in Cisternino (BR), one of the most beautiful historic villages in Italy, where you can breathe the pleasure of peasant tradition and the essentiality of the land.

MANE 'Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born from the careful selection of the best Apulian olives to obtain a high quality product, with unique and exclusive characteristics.


We only use olives that are born in our 45 hectares of olive groves extended in Valle d'Itria and in the municipalities of Ostuni and Fasano.



The main Cultivars present within our estates:

The Coratina it is a typical olive of central Puglia. It produces an oil with a very intense and fruity taste, slightly bitter due to the high concentration of oleuropein and typically spicy due to the high concentration of polyphenols.

The Peranzana is oneliva typical of northern Puglia. It produces a low acidity oil, balanced, with a medium harmonic fruitiness and spicy and bitter notes.

La carole it is an olive cultivar typical of Basilicata, Calabria and southern Italy. It produces a low acidity olive oil. P.has a sweet and delicate base tone with an almond aftertaste. 

The Picholine is an olive cultivar originating from the Gard region in the south of France, very widespread also in Puglia. It produces a very high quality oil with a harmonious and intense taste, accompanied by pleasant shades of bitter and spicy.

The Leccino pproduces a high quality oil but without particular aromatic peaks. It has a fresh, slightly fruity, bitter and spicy flavor.